Here are some tips based on what I've learnt while converting this van. 

Join the SBMCC. This club and forum provided a wealth of information and help. Members are all self-builders and the knowledge base is very broad. And contribute; no-one likes a taker.

Do your build in the summer or have a workshop. I did mine as a winter project but with short days and no-where undercover, it was a real struggle at times.

Have a big area to store everything. At times many of my bits and bobs were cluttering up the van. Other bits were spread all over the house.

Go to car-boot sales, recycle centres, scrap merchants etc. There are all sorts of useful things to be found. I found metal sections from my local recycling centre very useful. You never know what you might find at a car-boot sale, maybe even a high value item like a heater or 3 way fridge going for buttons.

eBay is very useful especially for items you want to import from the far-east. Their protection is very much in favour of the buyer. LED down-light bulbs are about £1.50 from China or £12 from a motorhome show. But remember there are alternatives to eBay, often found on a nearby industrial estate.

Visit at least one motorhome show before finalising your layout. Mine changed completely after a visit to the NEC show.

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