I've wanted to convert a van into a camper for many many years. My job in real life is a builder and I'd always thought it would be good to convert one of my old work vans when it needed to be replaced. When I finally had the funds and the time to do it, I looked carefully into what was involved and the likely costs. That's when I realised that it's an expensive and time-consuming venture, and an old builder's van was not the base vehicle for me.

Much of my work involves remodelling quality kitchens, and bathrooms. When you do that for your everyday work you don't want to just throw something together for yourself. With this in mind, I bought the best van I could and set about fitting it out as well as I could. One of the consequences of buying a better van is that you feel the need to buy better fittings, so the budget sky-rockets. 

I had a layout decided but at the last minute I visited a show at the NEC just to confirm in my mind that it was right. There I realised that a feeling of space in the living area should be a priority. I changed the layout to position all the tall bits together at the back. This has certainly given a spacious feel and you might think that I chose the web name spacebay because of this. In fact it was a name I'd bought a few years earlier for my business but decided not to use.


Do you give advice to other self-builders?

The best place to get advice is the Self-Build Motor-Caravanners' Club (SBMCC). You can join for £15/year and the forum members are very keen to give advice. You can normally recoup you £15 in one go thanks to the club discount given by most self-build insurers. If you have a question specifically about my build, use the contact form and I'll endeavour to answer you.

Do you carry out work for other people?

Well. I'm a general builder and I do small jobs on day-rate all the time. If you like what I've done and you want some help then it could be possible. I'm rarely short of work but I have very much enjoyed doing this so I could be persuaded. I'm based in south Devon but I do travel for longer jobs. Bear in mind that a van conversion is complex and takes time. Also, I can't touch gas or 240v on your van by law. Use the contact form if you're seriously interested.

Is your motorhome for sale?

That's not why I built it but I'm only human. Do your research and if you think you've got an offer I can't refuse, or you want to know some specifics, let me know via the contact form.


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